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Let our staff do the heavy lifting for your next event

Catering /Tailgating Platters

(Must be ordered 24 hrs in advance)

Boudin Platter $50

2 lbs Boudin, 2 lbs Smoked Boudin, 12 mini Boudin Balls, 3 Boudin egg rolls w/Hebert’s Sauce

Boudin Ball Platter $55

10 Boudin Balls & 10 Pepper Jack boudin Balls w/ Hebert’s Sauce

Mini Boudin Ball Platter $55

40 mini boudin balls w/Hebert’s Sauce

Boudin Egg Roll Platter $50

15 egg rolls plus Hebert’s Sauce

Sausage Platter $55

Assortment of all flavors of our homemade sausage w/Hebert’s Sauce

Brisket Roll Platter $50

10 Brisket Rolls w/ BBQ dipping sauce

Hog Head Cheese Platters

LSU $25

Fleur De Lis $25

Pig $25

Brain $25

Severed Hand $20

Christmas Tree $25

Gingerbread Man $25

Gingerbread House $35